Our Lady of Grace Parish is a Roman Catholic Parish within the Archdiocese of Philadelphia set in Bucks County. We a a Christian community founded on the principles of love and mercy set forth by the Life, Death, and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. We strive to love our Lord and our neighbor both as individuals and as a community of believers.


NEW PARISHIONERS: Welcome to OLG! Please stop by the Parish Office to register!


Emergency: Please call the Parish Office immediately: (215)-757-7700.
Communion Call: Please call the Parish Office: (215)-757-7700.
Hospital Visits: For a visit or for Sacraments, ask to see the resident chaplain or the priest assigned to the hospital. If you would like a visit from an OLG priest, please call the Parish Office: (215)-757-7700.

BAPTISMS: Baptisms take place at 1:00 PM on the Second and Fourth Sundays of the month. Pre-baptismal sessions are held the first Sunday of the month at 1:00 PM in the church for parents and godparents. Godparents will need a letter of eligibility from their home parish. Please call the DRE/PREP Office to begin this process: (215)-757-5530.

WEDDINGS: Congratulations! Please call the Parish Office, (215)-757-7700, to make an appointment with one of the priests to set a date and begin the required six-month preparation period.

RELIGIOUS EDUCATION: OLG runs a vibrant PREP program for children in Pre-K to Level 8. PREP currently takes place on Tuesday nights at 4:30 PM (afternoon session) and 6:45 PM (evening session). Please call the DRE/PREP Office for more information: (215)-757-5530.

RCIA: Are you or someone you know interested in finding out more about the Catholic faith? Or, are you interested in volunteering with RCIA? Please contact Chris Flack at (215)-757-5530, or dre@olg1.org.

YOUTH MINISTRY: OLG has two active youth groups: “Rise” for those in 6-8 grade, and “Ignite” for those in 9-12 grade, that meet throughout the school year! Rise meets on Sundays from 4:30-5:45 PM and Ignite meets on Sundays from 6:00 PM-7:30 PM, both in the St. John Neumann Room in OLG School. All teens are welcome to join us anytime! Please contact Maddie Appleby for more information: (215)-757-7700, or youthminister@olg1.org.


Change of address, collection envelopes, letter of eligibility, and any other questions or concerns:

Please call the Parish Office at (215)-757-7700.