Scouting is an effective way to help Catholic youths to do their duty to God and to their country. Scouting builds character and teaches devotion to God in an environment that provides wholesome fun under the guidance of strong adult role models. The scouting programs provide a wonderful channel to involve youth in the life of Catholic parishes.

Young people experience Scouting as a growth into personal maturity and social responsibility. They learn to assume their role in life with a high degree of commitment, and to care for others who are less fortunate. They develop a strong desire to build a culture of goodwill, respect for the environment and acceptance of duties. They also take part in our Masses and help with service towards our Parish.

To join our scouting program or to become involved as a volunteer:

Boy Scouts Troop 82: Contact Scoutmaster John Papp at

And check out our website!

Cub Scouts: Contact Cub Master Dave Schaller – (610)-716-9903.

Blessing of Scouts

Almighty God,
Bless these young people who have committed themselves
to the pursuit of Scouting.
Allow their minds to be broadened,
their hopes to be raised,
and their futures filled with promise
as they grow in knowledge and wisdom through Scouting (Camp Fire).
As they learn more about you and your ways,
may they be inspired to reach out in service
to all in need as they strive to become disciples
in our world today.
May all their efforts guide each of them
to know, to love, and to serve you
now and throughout their lives.
We ask this blessing through Jesus Christ,
Our risen Lord and Savior.