For Catholics, the Sacrament of Baptism is the first step in a lifelong journey of commitment and discipleship. Whether we are baptized as infants or adults, Baptism is the Church’s way of celebrating and enacting the embrace of God.

Commonly Asked Questions

Are there any requirements in order to have my child baptized at Our Lady of Grace?
Parents/Guardians are required to be a registered parishioner here or have a personal connection with a registered parishioner (i.e. grandparents are members of the parish). In this case, a letter must be received from their own parish granting permission for the baptism indicating that they are registered and have participated in a baptism preparation/Pre-Jordan class.

Is there a cost to have my child baptized?
The Church does not charge a fee for sacraments. If however you wish to give the parish a donation – $50.00 is suggested.

Who can be a godparent?
Church law requires that there is at least one godparent for the child baptized. Godparents need to be active, practicing and fully initiated Catholics (in other words the person has received the Sacraments of baptism, confirmation and Holy Eucharist) at least 16 years in age. If the person is married he or she has had to have been married in the Church or with the Church’s blessing. Godparents need to obtain a “letter of eligibility” from their parish. The letter shows that you meet all of the requirements needed to be a godparent.    Godparent from Our Lady of Grace Parish must print out the Letter of Eligibility form from our website listed under “How do I”, sign the form, take it to the Rectory for Monsignor Prior to approve and then forward to the Office of Religious Education.

Can a non-Catholic be a godparent?
No, only a Catholic can be a godparent because they are asked to promise to help support raising the child in the Catholic faith. A non-Catholic baptized Christian can serve as official “Christian Witness” to the baptism as long as there is one Catholic godparent. A non-baptized person cannot be a godparent or witness.

What if the godparents can’t come to the actual celebration?
You can have a proxy stand in for the godparent(s). Please let the staff know so they can record the name of the actual sponsor on the certificate.

When are Pre-Jordan Classes at Our Lady of Grace?
First Sunday of each month beginning at 1:00 PM in our church.

When are baptisms at Our Lady of Grace?
The Second and Fourth Sunday each month beginning at 1:00 PM in our church (try to be in the Church by 12:50 PM).

May I take pictures?
Pictures are allowed but please be respectful during the Sacrament.

Persons wanting to arrange for a baptism please contact:
Christine Flack, Director of Religious Education
(215) 215-757-5530
300 Hulmeville Ave.
Penndel, PA 19047